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The Bill Press Show
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France 24
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Acronym TV
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Karel: Life in Segments
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Generation Baby Buster
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Yo Soy El Army
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What Would it Look Like
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Acronym TV
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Positive Spin
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Act Out!
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Karel: Life in Segments
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Sister Giant: BERNIE...
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Wisconsin Rising
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Left Forum 2015: Kshama...
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Pirate Television: Ted...
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Pretty Slick
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SSister Giant: Elizabeth...
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Water Wars
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Meet the Renegades
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The Laura Flanders Show
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The Apple Pushers
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Gahan Wilson: Born Dead...
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Who U.S? Waking Up from...
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Good News with Abby...
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Meet the Renegades
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The Laura Flanders Show
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American Outrage
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The Soundstrike
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Collaboration: On The...

What Our Viewers Are Saying...

So glad to have found [FSTV] because there’s nothing else out there telling us what’s really going on. - Rita

I'm watching  RING OF FIRE ...That and all your other shows are the best things on TV!! - John

I am so excited that I found your station flipping through the channels ... Keep up the good work. - Susan

Thom Hartmann is one of my heroes. - John

The Most informative and honest news station on American TV. No B.S. and great documentaries. - Kevin

[FSTV] is the best channel on tv. - Patricia 

Most of us seek out media that tell us what we already believe to be true. Free Speech TV actually helps us think. - Alice

I want to thank Mike Papantonio for his wit and razor-sharp intellect, Amy Goodman for the highest standards of journalism... - Gail/Michigan

(Stephanie Miller) is why I started watching. Now watch Democracy Now! and Hartmann as well. - Deborah/Texas

"Free Speech TV is the best source of information that nobody knows about. We need to spread the word and educate the people." - Lorelei S.
"A little known TV station that offers an alternative viewpoint to the usual propaganda of network and cable news." - Ron S.

FSTV is the source. I'm greatful for the access these last four months. - Philadelphia, PA.

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