Mississippi Governor Declares April “Confederate Heritage Month”

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Mississippi Governor Declares April “Confederate Heritage Month”

Here we go again.

A governor of Mississippi can’t leave well enough alone and has decided to declare the month of April to be “Confederate Heritage Month.” Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed the declaration for this year’s special month and had also signed the same proclamation in 2012 and 2013. The governor claims that he is declaring this month so that those in the state can reflect on their history, to both appreciate it and to learn from the mistakes made. Are you sure you aren’t just trying to remember the days when white was king, gov.?

Truthfully, I think he could have came up with a snappier title, so here are a few:

  • We Miss The Good Old (White) Days Month
  • Blacks Need Not Apply Month
  • Hate Month
  • No, Seriously Its About “Heritage” Month
  • They Took Er Jerbs Month
  • KKK Appreciation Month
  • Bring Your Burning Cross To Work Month
  • All Lives Matter Month

Ahh, much better.

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