Roku launched the first product designed to deliver movies from Netflix instantly on TV, using the power of the Internet. Since then, our best-selling Roku streaming players have become synonymous with amazing choice, control, and value in TV entertainment.

We hope you enjoy the Free Speech TV app on ROKU. The design is simple to navigate, and allows you to tune the FSTV broadcast service available by Satellite in the U.S., as well as access the best FSTV content available as videos on demand.

Key FSTV app Features:

1. News and Views

Current, and daily updated news content from The Stepahnie Miller Show, Democracy Now!, Thom Hartmann, The Bill Press Show, Ring of Fire and more.

2. Watch Live

Access the 24/7 live stream of the FSTV broadcast service. 

3. Documentaries

In this row you will find the best of our currently licensed documentaries, which will be refreshed as new programs are featured at the network.

We hope you enjoy! Let us know your out there. 

Send your questions and comments to [email protected]