2012-10-23 06:31:00

Jon Stewart on Fox News' Most Slanderous Lies about the President: "Barack-tose Intolerance"

On the evening of the last televised presidential debate, when President Obama solidly trumped his opponent Mitt Romney, it's fitting that The Daily Show would harken back to another great moment in debate history: Jon Stewart's Rumble in the Airconditioned Auditorium against Bill O'Reilly. At that debate, puny Stewart rose (literally--he constructed a moveable platform behind his podium) to confront the towering Fox News strongman and then climbed even further, all the way to the dizzying heights of the station's deeply flawed mythology. And the pile of propaganda he scaled throughout that evening he gave the name: Bullsh-t Mountain.

Last night, Stewart once again visited this mountain to trace the history of Fox News' vicious slander of President Obama. From the President's supposed socialism to his missing birth certificate to his his plot to force everyone to ride bicycles, here's a rundown of the station's sickness "Barack-tose Intolerance."