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Weekly Feminist Reader

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women wearing hijabs playing basketball
The Oppressed Brown Girls Doing Things tumblr is the shit. [Via Racialicious]

Clutch remembers TLC’s Left-Eye a decade after her death.

The Marines are taking the first steps towards bringing women onto the front lines.

Laurie Penny on the sexual counter-revolution: “Female sexual autonomy itself is what’s really unorthodox today.”

Boehner, if you’re tired of people talking about the Republican “war on women,” maybe just stop supporting terrible policies?

Read Mona Eltahawy’s powerful piece on misogyny in the Middle East. Plus some critical responses.

At 87, Phyllis Schlafly is still fighting the bad fight.

Check out On The Issuesspring issue devoted to women in sports.

“Female friendship is one of nature’s preferred narrative tools”–for humans and animals alike.

Check out Greta Christina’s open thread for sex workers to share their experiences in the industry.

Looks like Saudi Arabia won’t be letting women compete in the Olympics this year after all.

Can porn be feminist? Duh?

Romney tells college students about to graduate into a really shitty economy to “just borrow money from your parents.”

I saw the new movie Cherry this week and agree that it is “a joyful, wonderful love letter to San Francisco, LGBT communities, kink and porn-positive people.”

The NYT Magazine explores the criminalization of drug-addicted mothers in Alabama.

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